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Semaj Vaughan


Semaj Vaughan, a native of Boston, Mass. Bornto Pastor Tammy and Michael Belle. She now resides in North Carolina where she is presentlyassists her mother in ministry. Semaj is the proud mother of 3 beautiful children: Amir, Noelle,and Nadia. In 2016, Semaj graduated from Knightdale High School and further her studies incriminal justice.

Semaj co-hosted conferences with her mother to assist in the healing of wounded women. Semaj is the founder of “Single Parenting with a Purpose Ministry. Being a statistic of an unwed, single mother, diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder, struggling with low self-esteem and searching for love in all the wrong places. Semaj did not allow any of that to stop her. Semaj realized through her challenges she them to be pieces of the puzzle that come together to make her who she is today.

Semaj admits to allowing her pain to pushed her into her purpose. Her passion to reach single

mothers everywhere is birthed out of her being a single mother herself.

Semaj is living proof that He Makes Everything Alright when you trust ONLY Him!




Semaj Vaughan
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