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Amanda Frias

Coach Author Mandy Lee

Amanda Frias-Howard was born in Dorchester, MA & spent her childhood in Charlestown, MA and Dorchester, MA. She graduated from Charlestown High School in 2004 and from Cambridge College in 2011 with a Business Degree in Management.  Amanda has held positions in different industries with titles ranging from Office Assistant to Department Administrator. Along with her full-time administrative positions, Amanda has always found Joy in Exercise and in teaching. Amanda began her side business in Health Coaching in 2017 which led her down the path of Life Coaching in 2018! 

In 2020, she completed her Basic Life Coaching Certificate and then Transformational Life Coaching Certificate (accredited by the internationally recognized Continuing Professional Development Standards Agency (Provider No: 50134).

These certifications have aided in her advancement of understanding the human experience. For Amanda, giving advice and assisting friends to look at things differently has always been her specialty prior to becoming a life coach. Life coaching has led Amanda into Podcasting and Writing as she understood the assignment of reaching the audience outside of her personal audience. Shortly after receiving the Life Coaching certificates, Amanda started podcasting and fell in love with sharing her story to help heal another woman through their transitions in life.

Despite all of these accomplishments, Amanda felt the need to do and be more. She truly believes that women are meant to stand together and that we can do that by loving ourselves first. By loving ourselves first we can realize our own true power within. By realizing our true power within, we can unravel and heal our deepest wounds. The wounds that hold us back from living in Joy, Peace and Compassion!

Amanda is so passionate about empowering other women to feel good and transform their lives into one where they feel loved, creative, empowered, & grounded.

The passion and purpose for teaching and healing prompted Amanda to create Soul-Loving Life Wellness, LLC or Sllifewellness. Soul-Loving Life Wellness LLC is the corporation that serves as the umbrella to The Mandy Lee Show Podcast, and The Guide – “The Transition: Navigating from Singlehood to Motherhood based on Life Experiences”. The guide and podcast were created to assist moms, both new and existing, into the dynamic world of motherhood. 

The dynamic world of motherhood is where Amanda has experienced her deepest growth. Our children deserve our deepest love and with that said her ‘reason why’ is Askari Amen.

Amanda Frias
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