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From fighting through the pains of having to raise their children alone, to co-parenting with a narcissistic partner. Having to figure life out after surviving a relationship that was filled with domestic violence.

This inspirational book compilation of 10 Co-Authors in Destined to Win Volume 6 proves that you can be a solo/single mom and OVERCOME!  These authors share real life stories of struggle and triumph on how the Lord encouraged them to WIN!

These solo/single mothers are WARRIOR WOMEN who have been pierced by things meant to crush them, yet they continued to push, and believe that God can allow them and their children to THRIVE!!

Through their struggles, setbacks, heartbreaks, and defeats, their stories will give you the hope and confidence to know that, with GOD, you can transform from being Solo/Single Mom to fulfilling your PURPOSE as a WINNER!!

Single Mother- God, You and Me

  • Amanda Frias

    Cynthia Martin

    Jolie Rashawn

    Juanita Grant

    Layla Dickens

    Lotus Wilson

    ReTonya Jordan

    Semaj Vaughan

    Tammy Vaughan

    Zulema Deleon

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