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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do Authors purchase books?
    Authors will be able to purchase books of Amazon, any quantity at the beginning of release for a limited time ( 3-5 days) for discounted rate. Authors will be able to purchase the books at cost ($7.50-$8.50 per book) After release date window, authors will be required to purchase books from Publisher or Destined To Win for discounted rate ( There will be a #10 book minimum and $9.99 processing fee ) Plus tax and shipping.
  • How long will it take me to get my printed copy from Destined or Publisher?
    Once payment has been made and the order processed. Delivery is 10 Business Days and sent to address specified in the order. ( please express if needed expedited delivery. Additional Cost )
  • What can be included in an anthology?
    An anthology can be defined as a collection of chosen literary works, passages or pieces of music or art, which are regarded as the best. For example, an anthology of rare poems or American verse. You can find an anthology of a collection of nonfiction from different authors on a similar subject.
  • Can an anthology be written by one person?
    An anthology is a collection of selected writings by various authors, and usually, the several stories or writings are in the same literary form, of the same period, or on the same theme. Alternatively, it can also be a collection of selected writings by one author. These days, anthologies are very much in trend.
  • How many stories should be in an anthology?
    An average anthology has around 20 short pieces (it can be as large or as small as you like )
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