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About Pastor Tammy

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Meet Pastor Tammy

Pastor Tammy is a visionary behind the Destined to Win Book Compilation. She is a licensed mental health therapist, certified life coach and CEO of Bhealed Coaching. 

For the past ten years, she has coached and counseled hundreds of women and men to work through deep trauma and heal their wounds to have life-changing breakthroughs. In order for this to happen in a person’s life she had to be prepared to offer different strategies for healing. She believes this is the formula needed for a person to reach their next level in life. 


Moreover, Pastor Tammy is a servant and leader who predicates her life on following Jesus Christ. She loves helping others reach their full potential and believes that everyone should be given the opportunity to have the best quality of life.


Her Motto is:

To Make a Great Life One Must Give to Others!

(Winston Churchill)


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